The Hidden Manipulation in Precious Metals and the Promise of Bitcoin

One major issue with systems that operate outside the control of the banking sector is that they cannot be secretly manipulated.

In the video accompanying this article, it becomes clear that the prices of silver and gold are subject to manipulation. Even more concerning is that their prices are nearly fixed, determined by only a handful of parties. This suggests that the shift to gold as a safe haven is not driven by actual supply and demand but by price agreements. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is naturally resistant to manipulation and adheres to the true principles of a free market (supply and demand), which is why its value can increase by hundreds of percent.

During the financial crisis, gold did not see a significant price surge. Isn’t that a bit odd? When you go to a bank and convert your euros or dollars into gold, this essentially changes nothing because the bank retains complete control over the financial system. The real excitement begins when gold is actually withdrawn from the banks. However, the government, in cooperation with the banks, has devised a deterrent. If an average person requests gold or silver from the bank, they must pay the full VAT, serving as a discouragement premium.

What is the future of Bitcoin if banks get into control of all the major Crypto’s?