Bitcoin and Bitcoins

A Simple Explanation of Bitcoin for Everyone ~ This article was originally written in Dutch (around 2014). This will be reviewed and what has been changed in 10 years ~ What is Bitcoin and what can you do with it? Bitcoin and the development of cryptocurrencies (the general name for this type of money) will …

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Bitcoin to 4000 USD

In the previous post, the question was raised about Bitcoin reaching 5,000 USD, which may seem like a strange question. However, it can drop significantly, losing 10 to 20% in a single day. If the resistance at 4,200 is not maintained, there will be further downward pressure. Now the question is, will we reach 4,000 …

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Bitcoin to 5000 USD

This message is posted approximately 5 years after the launch of this website. In December 2013, one bitcoin was equivalent to around 1,000 USD. It is remarkable to look back after 5 years. In the meantime, we have experienced a massive bull run in 2017 and a dramatic decline. If the question (bitcoin to 5000) …

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Bitcoin clone in development at JP Morgan

JP Morgan Chase, a large (indeed, the largest) American bank, is working on a clone of bitcoin and has filed a patent for it, according to the Financial Times. From this, we can draw a few cautious conclusions:

Is Bitcoin a pyramid scheme

Many uninformed people and critics claim or believe that bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. We will briefly explain why bitcoin is not a pyramid scheme. A Pyramid Scheme According to WikipediaA pyramid scheme is a ‘game’ where participants make an investment and also try to persuade others to join, after which the contributions of the …

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Who is earning on Bitcoin

There are, of course, always people who want to profit from trading bitcoins. Especially now that this is new, it may offer new opportunities. All parties who own bitcoins can sell them. They can only be sold if you actually have them. There is a margin between the purchase and sale, similar to what used …

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