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The Forces Behind Bitcoin’s Volatility Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has captured the imaginations and wallets of millions worldwide. Its price is notoriously volatile, subject to a myriad of influences that can send it soaring or crashing within hours. Let’s delve into the key factors driving Bitcoin’s price fluctuations. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) When Bitcoin’s …

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Crypto trading tools

Trading without tools is like , . . . Building a house with just your bare hands. Tools are essential to speed up and get quality results. Also mistakes can be corrected quickly. This post will be updated with a number of tools that will make trading easier and more profitable, .. stay tuned. Best …

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Key criteria finding a crypto broker

Crypto Broker

Key criteria finding a crypto broker. The selection of 11 Criteria for Choosing a Crypto Broker. Selecting a reliable crypto broker is crucial for successful cryptocurrency investment and trading. Below are key criteria to consider: Key criteria finding a crypto broker By considering these criteria—security, transparency, regulation, user experience, liquidity, range of cryptocurrencies, web experience, …

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The Hidden Manipulation in Precious Metals and the Promise of Bitcoin

One major issue with systems that operate outside the control of the banking sector is that they cannot be secretly manipulated. In the video accompanying this article, it becomes clear that the prices of silver and gold are subject to manipulation. Even more concerning is that their prices are nearly fixed, determined by only a …

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Marc Faber about investments

“If you don’t know Marc Faber yet, do some research and see what this interesting man has to say. Especially if you are considering investing in bitcoins, it is wise to thoroughly understand the principles of investing. It is also important to understand the role of various banks.”

Bitcoin and Bitcoins

A Simple Explanation of Bitcoin for Everyone ~ This article was originally written in Dutch (around 2014). This will be reviewed and what has been changed in 10 years ~ What is Bitcoin and what can you do with it? Bitcoin and the development of cryptocurrencies (the general name for this type of money) will …

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Bitcoin to 4000 USD

In the previous post, the question was raised about Bitcoin reaching 5,000 USD, which may seem like a strange question. However, it can drop significantly, losing 10 to 20% in a single day. If the resistance at 4,200 is not maintained, there will be further downward pressure. Now the question is, will we reach 4,000 …

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Bitcoin to 5000 USD

This message is posted approximately 5 years after the launch of this website. In December 2013, one bitcoin was equivalent to around 1,000 USD. It is remarkable to look back after 5 years. In the meantime, we have experienced a massive bull run in 2017 and a dramatic decline. If the question (bitcoin to 5000) …

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Bitcoin clone in development at JP Morgan

JP Morgan Chase, a large (indeed, the largest) American bank, is working on a clone of bitcoin and has filed a patent for it, according to the Financial Times. From this, we can draw a few cautious conclusions: